What is this?

This, my friend, is a collection of flash fiction, writing practice, and miscellaneous words that I’ve hopelessly strung together in my never ending attempt to become a published author.

I read somewhere (more like everywhere) that in order to be a 21st century writer you have to play the social media game.  This was devastating news to me seeing as social is probably the last I would pick to describe myself (and I know words dammit!).  So instead of cataloging my journey from hack writer to author extraordinaire in the form of daily posts about when the mail arrived and what jam I put on my toast (triple berry is a safe bet), I’ve decided to do this!
For definition of “this”, please see above.

Now, whether or not this blog builds an audience base is not my concern (though if you’re reading this, YIPPEE, READERS!).  What I hope to gain is experience in consistently producing short works and forcing myself to allow others to see them, as I’m sure you know if you’ve ever produced anything, sharing can often be the hardest part.

So, knowing now what this is I encourage you to take a look around.  Read, write, share, whatever.  Just don’t send me pictures of cats.  I hate cats.



One thought on “What is this?

  1. Ellyn, I visited your blog because I liked your story Grey Road on WOW. I preferred it far above the actual contest winners. Your writing is cleaner and more poignant. I think some of my writing is similar, although I like a lot of dialogue. Glad you are continuing to write. I won’t send you pictures of my cats, although I love them. If you want to check out my blog, it is http://www.gettysburggirl.wordpress.com There I have flash fiction, poetry, short stories, real life and also posts on “writing well”.

    I love flash fiction. It has helped me hone my writing to be precise and meaningful. More writers should try it.

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